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Providing the best nutritional supplements to my customers and clients is important, and it gives me great satisfaction to know that the products I promote are manufactured using a high standard of environmental ethics. Nature’s Sunshine has developed a high level of recycling, shredding, and reusing, whilst being very aware of the best ways to use energy for lighting, cooling and insulation.

As an ethical manufacturer of high quality, health products, Nature’s Sunshine are pro-active in preserving our environment. As with many large manufacturing organisations, NSP have adopted a range of energy saving protocols, and we consistently update our environmental policies.

All of our plastic bottles are recyclable, and our glass bottles are made from 40% recycled glass. Our shipping boxes are 30-40% post-consumer recycled material, and all corrugated cardboard that doesn’t leave the plant (375,000 lbs. yearly) is used for storage or recycled.  Even our carrier bags are made from biodegradable plastic.

Nature’s Sunshine’s outstanding health products contain only natural ingredients that are not harmful to the environment. NSP's Sunshine Concentrate all-purpose cleaner contains a biodegradable surfactant, which means it does not contain ingredients that can accumulate in the environment (like phosphate-containing soaps).

Nature's Sunshine reuses and recycles wherever possible.  In the USA, NSP participates in the Shred-it programme, where waste paper is shredded on-site and then recycled. Each year the company saves approximately 244 trees using this programme.