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Charity Work


Nature’s Sunshine has built an excellent reputation for being an ethical company, in which our customer’s wellbeing always comes first. We realise how lucky we are in so many ways, and we want to express our gratitude wherever we can, by helping those who are less fortunate.

Established in 2007 by two NSP Distributors living in Russia. Unable to start a family of their own, they looked to adopt from one of the many Russian orphanages. Shocked by the appalling conditions they found, they were determined to do something to help. Since then, the foundation has helped to improve the lives of children all over the world.

The Little Heroes Foundation fully renovated a children’s hospital in Lyubetsy, Russia. Renovated bedrooms, bathrooms, nursing stations, playrooms and laboratories, making them clean and comfortable

The Foundation built two ‘Little Heroes Academies’ in Mali, Africa, currently providing over 250 children with a good education, and opportunities for a more promising future.

In Birendranagar, Nepal, where local children had a one in six chance of dying before their 1st birthday, Little Heroes is building a rural health clinic that has the potential to improve infant mortality rates by 60%, and is predicted to treat 20,000 people during 2012

The Little Heroes Foundation works with other organisations to support children all over the world, giving them vital medical treatment, education, and loving homes. Each partner organisation is vetted by the foundation to ensure that as much money as possible gets to where it’s needed

Nature’s Sunshine UK is aiming to raise £30,000 for Little Heroes, and continue to support other charity and community projects over the coming years.

NSP UK recently donated to ‘Greenfingers’, a charity that creates magical gardens in children’s hospices all over the country.  NSP UK sponsor students at Norton College in Worcestershire by donating supplements specifically aimed at improving learning skills and behaviour of students with severe learning difficulties and behavioural problems.


Globally, Nature’s Sunshine has supported humanitarian efforts following a number of natural disasters and major crises including victims of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras and Nicaragua. American Red Cross after 11th September attacks on U.S. (NSP matched employee donations 100%.). Indonesian/Thailand tsunami disaster relief, and support for victims of Hurricane Katrina. City just days after the hurricane hit.)


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